With WILD GAME, Blayne Davis takes suspense to new heights.

August 25, 2014

The new suspense thriller


Blayne Davis has a new hero . . . and he’s full of surprises

Mitchell Graham is the CEO of AQSR, a sports betting information company that operates in the shadows between New York and London. After being ousted from the financial markets and sent to federal prison, Mitchell has returned to carve out a lucrative niche where he and his nefarious cohorts are raking in millions each week from around the world. He's tied into crime families between New York and China that are fixing games in the NFL and prestigious European football (soccer) leagues.

Financial traders and analysts from ivy league schools have made the switch from stocks to sports, and provide a brilliant front for what is really happening behind the scenes at AQSR. Special clients get the special matches, and everyone wants more. Money is no object in this high-flying world of yachts and jets, and the stakes only get higher.

Things drastically change for Mitchell when one of his closest clients, a well-known doctor, falls prey to an FBI investigation for fraud. The doctor is pressured for answers and has to choose between Mitchell, a man he's grown to love, and not going to prison. He decides to cooperate with the FBI against Mitchell in what can only be described as an emotional and gut wrenching journey that only an insider can see. His interaction with the FBI is terrifying, humorous, and very real.

The plot takes another twist when Mitchell discovers that Vince, his mob contact, has been leaning on an NFL coach whose wife has hired a private investigator to find out if the coach has been cheating on her.  The investigator, a former FBI agent, uncovers more than just philandering, and is thrown into a web of offshore banking, corruption, and known mafia connections.  He feels morally obligated to turn this information over to his old partner at the FBI.

Tenacious and charismatic FBI Agent Adrian Carter heads up the case against Mitchell and begins to track down and coerce business associates, employees, and friends of Mitchell's to betray him. Things rapidly begin to spiral out of control, as Mitchell now must turn to his team of trusted associates, a retired intelligence officer, and a sexy new asset from Macau with deadly skills and fierce loyalty to Mitchell, who is willing to do anything to avoid going back to prison.

Prosecutors are champing at the bit for the case of a lifetime, while the most unexpected betrayals continue to unfold from the sun-splashed Caribbean to winter getaways in Aspen. The prosecutors have many tricks of their own, and they will stop at nothing to put Mitchell back behind bars.

It's anyone's guess up to the last few pages, setting up an astonishing finish, as buried family secrets from the past come back to haunt the most unlikely of characters, witnesses disappear, and the hard charging prosecutor is forced to drop the case against Mitchell and allow him to continue to play his game.

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